Monday, June 4, 2012

Wagashi Late Spring 8

Minatoya Yurei Kosodate Ame Honpo candies has a chilly story behind.  Many, many years ago the shop owner has a visitor several nights in a roll.  She is pale and wet because of the rain.  She asked for candies for her baby even though the shop has closed.  The shop keeper gave her some out of sympathy.  One night he followed her out of curiosity.  She walked towards the Gojo bridge (beyond was the cemetary) and disappeared in the night.  He felt it was spooky but he heard the crying of a child.  He discovered a baby still alive where its mother has died and buried next to it.   From then on, this is what the candy is called: Ghost feeding baby candies!
The candy is the best tasting Malt hard candy you can ever find.

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