Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Indonesian costume new design

I have just finished a new design for an Indonesian costume that I will be wearing next time going to Java. The silk surjan (shirt) will be in purple silk (going to buy the silk with some traditional Heian design from Kyoto Japan next year and then have it made into a surjan), exact colour and pattern unknown now that is why it is still transparent. Then the batik sarong is modeled from a Yogyakarta Batik length that I got. The obi (belt) that wrap around the waist is going be be made in Kyoto next year. Then on top of the obi, I have this velvet belt with gold beads and royal Yogya belt buckle fastening everything. I have the blangkon (hat already) but I need to buy the karset (the jewelery necklace) next time in Java.
The other picture is the same guy in Surakarta costume that I finished a few years before. Style between Yogyakarta and Surakarta is different.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

fall light

It already feels cool weather is coming and we have never even got a proper summer! The days are getting shorter, and my Rivea corymbosa as a result is starting to make buds.