Friday, September 28, 2012

European candies

I found in town a candy shop which sells french and italian candies.  I bought a lot!  The store is such a gem ran by 2 french gentlemen.  I found so many violet candies, unique chocolate bars and many treats great as gift items or self indulgence.
Here are some of what I bought.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

carnival in Cirebon, Java

Here is a video from youtube about the parade in Cirebon city.  I love to be there at that time.  The chariots are so nice and regal.  The dancers are fun too.

Friday, September 14, 2012

new painting of a Sunda Priest

A very early Kingdom exists in West Java near the present day Bogor called Pajajaran.  I reconstructed the costume based on the currently revived batik from Bogor and some old documents and artifacts found near Bogor.

more tea

Kusmi Tea from France.  Kusmi Tea founded by a Russian family before the Revolution in Russia.  I love the tea called Anastasia with lime, bergamont and orange blossom.  Violet is very mild and smooth.

Vietnamese moon cakes

Here they are:  really good!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wagashi Fall 2012 1st

The weather is definitely cooling down.  It is only 12 degrees in the early morning... noon is still climbing to about 20 degrees but cooler for sure and I am sad to announce that Summer is over!
Here is the beautiful wagashi from Toraya.  Oshimono called Fall Leaves Celebration from Genji Kou Collection.
Then there is Unpei from Yamamoto Wagashi of Kyoto, near Kiyomizudera.  This leaf like confection has an elegant taste and called Rakuraku.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

new painting

I am sketching a new painting of ancient costume of the Majapahit Kingdom of Java.  The look of the costume is very closed to Indian as Majapahit is an ancient Hindu Kingdom.  I need to get more books on the subject from UBC to look up the jewellery and clothes being worn then.

Monday, September 3, 2012

High Tea at my place

I held a high tea at my house today.  It is a long weekend holiday but I was busy working and so there was little time to prepare anything.  I went to Urban Tea Merchant to get the TWG macarons and then next store to Thierry's to get more macarons, nougets, french Madeleine, Pistachio tea cake etc.  I also brought in the chocolate bombs that I made: blue Curacao and Passionfruit.  We have some Vietnamese spring roll and french bean salad to start along with Hawaiian cocktail punch.  Then the sweets are accompanied by Lily of the Valley White Tea from Mariage Freres of France, and Soursop Black Tea from NY.  TWG macarons are so good, perfect in texture and generous with the fillings of ganache.  Thierry's macarons are more soft in the inside with the buttercream fillings.
Then we also have Japanese tea ceremony of matcha with dried confections of rakugan.