Monday, March 24, 2008

on vacation

I am on vacation March 24 to April 18. Will be back.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

March 27-31 trip plan

Bogor Botanical Garden, Bogor, Indonesia
I will take photos of plants, study the climbing plant collection and paint.

April 1 trip plan

Puncak Pass Gunung Mas Tea Estate.

April 2 trip plan

Cibodas Botanical Garden

April 3 trip plan

Gede Pangrango National Park

April 4 trip plan

Puncak to Bandung, stay in Savoy Homann Hotel.

April 5 trip plan

Travel by train from Bandung to Yogyakarta, stay in Grand Mercure Hotel.

April 6 trip plan

1st day Yogyakarta, go to Kraton and then visit Beringharjo market and Minota Batik.

April 7 trip plan

Taman Sari, I want to paint there and also walk in the market today to do some shopping.

April 8 trip plan

Yogyakarta will stay in Manohara hotel across from Borobudur.

April 9 trip plan

Sunrise at Borobudur!

April 10 trip plan

Bali, Ubud Botanical Garden.
I will paint there.

April 11 trip plan

Last day in Bali, stay at hotel, might try Indonesian cooking, crafts such as Batik making etc. Will try to dress in Batik Sarong.

April 12 trip plan

Arrive in Tokyo, immediately will go to Kyoto, hotel rest and then shop, and will go to Inari Shrine with my friend. Then find a good place to have dinner.

April 13 trip plan

Shopping day today as well as good food.
Lunch at Kodaiyuzenen, then shopping at Pagong for silk shirts and kimono shopping at the Shijo districts.

April 14 trip plan

Kyoto Botanical Garden Painting

April 15 trip plan

Kyoto Kibune Mountain Walk and Shrine Visit

April 16 trip plan

Koishikawa Botanical Garden 1-3pm

April 17 trip detail

This day, I want to go hiking. Maybe Mount Takao. It was very beautiful last time although it rained. Hopefully it won't be too cold.

April 18 trip detail

April 18 Asakusa shopping
I want to buy kimono acessories.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Bogor Botanical Garden

This is the most beautiful garden of the world I think. So many rare plants are in the garden and I love walking in it.