Tuesday, April 23, 2013

dream of Yamagishi's book

Last night I dreamt that Yamagishi Ryoko published a new comic book with beautiful illustrations calling for 10000 yen!
The cover is a scene from Palace Under the Sea with beautiful green colour ocean.  I wish you will publish an illustration collection.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Yamagishi Ryoko's illustration

Prince of where the Sun Rises is a great story written and drawn by Yamagishi Ryoko.  She designed all the beautiful outfit of the main character.  This image is the Prince in a traditional Indian inspired costume, very close to the Indonesian outfit I am going to wear for ritual.   I
wish I can wear it as elegant as he did.

wagashi spring 2013

Beautiful ganache chocolate from La Chocolaterie.  I have passionfruit, matcha and sakura.  The fan is my own make featuring aristolochia grandiflora and other species.  The gold dust on it is real gold! 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Early Spring in Vancouver

Magnolia trees are flowering right now at UBC botanical garden.  They are pink and beautiful, but laterly it rains a lot so it is still cold and wet.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

ritual outfit

This is how I am going to wear at Gua Langse, Parangtritis and Royal Grave, Imogiri of Java.
The green surjan will be replaced by black or dark blue as it is forbidden to wear green at the south Java coast.  The batik length will be of a different pattern.  Right now this one means happiness.  I will select another one that is more solemn for the purpose. 
I think I will have to tug in the tail of the batik length in between the legs to the back and secure at the waist by the belt in order to be able to climb down the numerous ladders at the cliff down to Gua Langse. 

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Indonesian Pecel

This is the assorted vegetable dish with a peanut sauce to be eaten with rice.  For the vegetables: baby corn, pumpkin leaves and young stems, bean sprouts, telosma flowers, winged beans, but I am missing the sesbania flowers which are a bit bitter.  Anyway, it is a good dish to prepare in the morning, steaming all vegetables and then arranging on a dish and when ready to eat, heat the sauce and spoon onto rice and vegetable.

Easter Chocolate from Germany

Thank you my friend Monika for sending me all these lovely chocolate and candies from Germany.  The Mozart Bombs are to die for.  I love the exotic taste of the beautiful little eggs in the carton.  The childhood themed candies are classic.  Everything is so beautiful and tasty!  I will share them with my co-workers at work.