Thursday, June 21, 2012

summer wagashi 1

This is the box of Genjikou higashi from Oimatsu of Kyoto.  Oimatsu is a traditional wagashi house serving the court and now it serves the area around Kitano Tenmangu and the Geisha quarter around there.  The shop is behind the Shrine and on a quiet lane with just a noren showing the name Oimatsu.  Inside the sliding door, it is cool and with nice glass cabinet showing the various wagashi.  On another long table, it has wagashi stands of sample of order made wagashi for birthday or special occasions.  There is also a giant book of illustrations of namengashi you can order from them.
I picked the Genjikou wasanbon.  It is pure wasanbon with no other things added to it.  So it is very delicate and smooth.  Genjikou is an incense game Heian court people played to pass time.

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