Thursday, June 14, 2012

Summer 2012 Wagashi 3

When I visited Toji this Spring, it happened to be the Sat. Toji Market, so everyone was there.  It was so crowded.  Japanese tourists from Tokyo, locals of Kyoto, foreigners also were there.
I viewed the 1300 years old Mask used in Buddhist ceremonies in the past.  They are delicately constructed according to the contour of the face and head and the expression on the masks is something to behold.
At the Treasure Hall, I picked up a sakura shaped cell phone strap that is made of Sakura wood for my friend.  I also bought the blessed sacred candy called Butsushukaname.  Originated from India, Buddha's Hand (a cultivar of Citrus) has fruits that resemble hands put together.  This candy is made from fruits grown in Japan.  It is famous for taking toxin out of the body and is rare.  The candy is hard on the outside and soft within with beautiful flavour.

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