Friday, June 8, 2012

Innovation in a traditional product

This time in Japan, other than buying wagashi, I also looked at other food.  Miso soup is another thing I like but it is too time consuming for me to make it the traditional way.  As just for 1 person to make 1 pot will be a lot of waste because the soup cannot be saved over night.
So I bought this little invention which is like a monaka (Japanese wafer with red bean inside) but inside it is filled with dried noodle shaped like flower, wakame seaweed, green onion and also dried soup base.  To enjoy this miso soup, open the package of soup base powder and miso and put into the bowl.  Next, use your thumb to punch the top of the monaka, then pour hot water in the monaka and bowl.
Then the whole bowl will transformed into a tasty bowl of hot miso soup.  Simply magical.

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