Monday, May 21, 2012

wagashi late Spring

This is a box from kamehiroyasu in Kyoto.  This old shop is located not far from my hotel.  It is an old traditional house and the shop window is sparsely decorated with a couple (only a couple) higashi on a plate.  I walked into the small garden after entering the outer door.  Then I opened the flip-door to enter the house and still there was no one inside.  I sat down on the mat onto of the tatami and admired the large glass case displaced with seasonal higashi of Kizato, Sogidane and Ariheidou.  The designs are beautiful and elegant.  In another glass cabinet, it displayed the boxes to hold them.  I selected a medium size Paulownia box, and called for service.  The old lady came out from the back and started to pack the box for me.  It took quite awhile and she showed me the result.  It looked amazing, just like jewels.  Then she wrapped the box for me carefully.  After saying thank you many times, I walked out of the quiet store and into the street in this early morning.  It did not feel like shopping in the usual sense.  It is like visiting someone's home from another century past.

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