Wednesday, December 28, 2011

sketch for new kain of batik Kebun Raya

I have just finished the overall sketch for the 2.5 meter by 1 meter kain of a scene full of climbing plants and figures in a forest inside Kebun Raya Bogor. There are 2 figures framing the kain acting as borders. One is myself in Javanese clothes and the other is Nyai Blorong (snake Goddess). Again to execute this kain, I need to find good batik workers who not only can do detail patterns but have painting skills as this kain is more like a hanging painting. I will also pray to Nyai Blorong when I am at Parangtritis Beach inside the Queen of the South Cave Goa Langse to ask for permission. It might even take a couple years to execute the batik.
Once the line drawing is done, then I can post here some details.

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