Friday, November 18, 2011

plant from Bogor

Originally, I thought this plant is Tinospora teijsmannii originally from Borneo. It was collected and cultivated by Teijsmann when he was the director of Hortus Botanicus Bogoriensis. The plants exist in the garden since early time being recorded in the 1914 catalogue. I have to look into the herbarium specimen at Herbarium Bogoriense to confirm the characteristics of stems and leaves and possibly the flowers in order to accurately identify the species. But when I go thru the taxonomy of Menispermaceae, all the species in the several genera do not have any tendrils. As you can see in this picture, this plant has tendrils to climb so it will not be Tinospora at all. It might be a plant from Passifloraceae or Cucurbitaceae. I am going to check the new issue of Flora Malesiana of Cucurbitaceae to confirm.

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