Saturday, March 9, 2013

Forest of Vanilla

Today, I tried some perfume with my friend at the Perfume Shoppe.  I like the brand Parfumerie Generale the best, so we tried many of those.  I finally settled on Ilang Ivohibe which is a easy going Ilang scent with the base of a very edible Vanilla.  I also tried Absinth by Nassomatto.  It is beautiful but I don't think I can wear it for long, a bit too bitter on my skin.  I am more of a floral kind of guy.  So good floral perform better on me.
15 Ilang Ivohibe is a woody floral Vanilla
Born of a fairy-tale union of Madagascan ylang-ylang, Californian orange and Egyptian jasmine, the poetic fragrance of an imaginary flower releases its perfume against the exquisite sweetness of a forest of vanilla plants.
Vanilla is a very familiar scent.  Everytime I make Caramel, the last step when done is to pour Vanilla into the caramel and then the cloud of scent will be going upwards scenting my face and chef uniform. 
This is the image of the forest.

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