Sunday, January 27, 2013

TWG tea

I have quite a few of their tea and some are better than others.  The signature 1837 black has red fruits and caramel in black tea.  I am getting tired of the caramel smell as I cook it almost everyday at work.  So I need something to remind me not about work!  Weekend in Bombay is red fruits and caramel in a Darjeeling 1st flush.  I finished it already, it was good.  I have now a beautiful White Desire Tea with taste of custard apple and star fruit, and a Passionfruit black tea.  This passionfruit is closer in taste to the fruit than what I have before with Metropolitan tea which has a vanilla base.
The tea chocolates are expensive for the size but modern and trendy with gold dusting and classy design and the ganache is of passionfruit, rose, earl gray or singapore breakfast tea infusion.

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