Wednesday, August 29, 2012

High Tea

Today, in the afternoon, I have high tea with my friend Betty.  We went to Kerridale and found a place called Adonia Tea.  It looks like a small boutique shop with small tables and tiny chairs but nicely decorated like an English tea room.
The menu is quite good with value for money compared to the other tea house in town.  We ordered each a mini afternoon tea set which includes a pot of tea each and 7 mini savories / sweets each.  I ordered a Litchi flavoured white tea with peony flower.  My friend has a tropical fruit white tea with a coconut accent.
The tea is good but initially wrong serving method.  It is bad to have tea leaves left in the pot after the steeping time, no matter how much more water the server offered to top up time after time.  It is simply not good.  For fruit infusion, maybe it is great, but for green, black and white tea, it destroyed the fine taste.
The food is alright.  Value for money with $17 includes a pot of tea and the pastry.  The cucumber sandwich and ham and cheese sandwich is ordinary.  The scones are great, very tasty.  The other sweets on the two tiers are uneven.  There are red and black mini muffin cakes, so sweet and forgettable.  The mini brownie is great, the fruit tart is good.
The service is terrible.  The server is very unfriendly.  Her approach to us is snobbish.  I have high tea before and she asked after putting down the food, whether she needs to explain anything.  The way she said is so rude and I simply asked anything made with cheese which is ultimately irrelevant so that she can answer and walk away and leave us in peace.
I will not return to this place at all, there are better places around with better service and attention to detail and better understanding of the art of tea. 
The picture is my own tea service not taken from Adonia's.  My friend was taking many pictures there but I wasn't in the mood because of the service and their treatment of tea.

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