Monday, October 10, 2011

continue painting

It is rain and wind in Vancouver for more than a few days now. Fall is here with typical fall weather which is more rain and wind. On a sunny day, if ever we have one coming up, I have to prune my tall Paulownia tree and the aristolochia tomentosa vine and Akebia trifoliata that are tangling up on it.
I am working on my botanical illustration of Phytocrene macrophylla and started another batik design shirt called Batik Parangtritis featuring the victim of Ratu Loro Kidul, the Queen of the Southern Sea. The front of the shirt has a young man climbing down to the Cave Langse, the back of the shirt is the same young man drown at the Parangritis Beach with the huge oncoming waves. He wore a light green swimwear, green being the favourite colour of the Queen.
When this work is done, I will post the design here and then work on the actual line drawing and then bring it to Java to have the workers do the batik, but I will go to Cave Langse to pray to the Queen to ask for permission first.
In the meantime, this is the beach.

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