Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Batik Phytocrene

I am designing my own batik shirt. I am starting with the back panel. It is more of a visual style than an overall pattern. The panel depicts a Javanese Prince in Surakarta royal costume sitting on a Phytocrene macrophylla vine (with male flowers) surrounded by beautiful clouds. The colour scheme was tested and 1st wax is to outline and preserve white area. Then light green and pink should be spot-painted, followed by more waxing and then dipped in aqua and where the area of pink that was not protected by the wax will be turned gray. Then more wax and then another dip of peacock blue and then followed by more wax and then jade green. One last wax and then dipped in purple to finish the colour scheme. Overall colour scheme is light and vibrant showing the influence of Cirebonian batik.
The front panel is in the planning stage. It should feature a Cirebonian Prince with green costume and royal dodot sitting on a Phytocrene macrophylla vine (with fruits and female flowers) with a sea dragon twining on. There will be the leaves of the vine drapping down from the canopy.
The overall shirt will be aqua blue.

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