Tuesday, November 24, 2009

dream trip across Java again

2011 Late Spring / Early Summer
Day 0 May 15 Sun work until 7:30pm, then go to airport around midnight
Day 1 May 16 flight Vancouver YVR by Cathay Pacific 2:45 AM to Hong Kong
Day 2 May 17 Tue Arrive in HK6:55 AM, go to Ricky's house then if weather is good:
hiking 10am to 3pm at Namfung Road Fung Sui Aboretum HK, or if raining:
then go walking 10am to noon in HK Zoological and Botanical gardens, Central, HK, then shopping at: noon to afternoon Joyce Beauty New World Tower, Central for perfume, Lane Crawford IFG Mall Mariage Freres for violet tea, late afternoon to evening buy books from Page One Time Square and General Bookstore 449 Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay, dinner
Day 3 May 18 Wed take 9:20 AM flight to Jakarta CGK arrive at 13:05, take taxi to Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, stay there in accomodation 1 night
Day 4 May 19 Thur Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, take taxi to Bogor via Widayanto Studio to see ceramic art and have lunch, then to Bogor stay inside Kebun Raya Bogor for 5 nights, photographying and painting
Day 5 May 20 Fri Kebun Raya Bogor, morning Zoological Museum
Day 6 May 21 Sat Pasar Bogor, Kebun Raya Bogor, Kebun Raya Bogor painting, hire tour guide to search for Phytocrene macrophylla male flower, lunch at Cafe de Daunen, Botani Square get Garuda ticket (Yogyakarta to Jakarta), Gumati dinner www.cafegumati.com
Day 7 May 22 Sun Kebun Raya Bogor
Day 8 May 23 Mon Hebarium Bogoriense
Day 9 May 24 Tue Puncak Pass, Rindu Alam Restaurant, hiking at Gunung Gede Pangrango National Park then to Bandung, go to railway station to buy Lodaya ticket, stay at Savoy Homann Hotel for 2 nights
Day 10 May 25 Wed learn Batik at Batik Komar, Bandung
Day 11 May 26 Thur take Lodaya train at 8am to arrive at Yogyakarta's train station around 4pm, stay at Grand Mercure the Pheonix Hotel for 4 nights, , shop at Mirota Batik, Terang Bulan, then enjoy Ramayana Ballet dance performance (dinner and show) at Purawisata theatre 8-9:30 pm in the amusement park
Day 12 May 27 Fri explore Solo, Kraton Surakarta, Kraton Mangkunegara, Pasar Klewer for Batik fabric for bedspreads and kimono, lunch at Cafe Solo, then visit Batik DanarHadi Museum, shop at Batik Danarhadi www.houseofdanarhadi and Dancer's Requisites at Toko Bedoyo Serimpi (Jl. Hayam Wuruk and Jl. Ronggo Warsito) for costumes, masks, golden headdresses, armbands, keris, buckles for belts, Batik Semar, and Batik Keris
Day 13 May 28 Sat Kaliurang to visit Ullen Sentalu Museum www.ullensentalu.com and have lunch there, then walk around the cool resort town and then to Parangtritis Beach, evening Borobudur Spectacular (dinner and show)
Day 14 May 29 Sun go to Sono-Budoyo Museum to see Wayang Kulit Puppets, Keraton watch Wayang Orang performance at 10 AM, shop at Tjokrosuharto for dance costume, dinner at Hanoman's Forest Restaurant with classical javanese dance, wayang golek or wayang kuit
Day 15 May 30 Mon Yogyakarta to explore Pasar Beringharjo, Jl Tirtodipuran, then walk on the streets to the batik factories and antique stores such as Batik Plentong, Batik Indah, Batik Winotosastro, Mirota Moesson
Day 16 May 31 Tue Yogyakarta flight 9:35 AM to Jakarta 10:40 AM, then 15:05 flight to HKG arrive 20:50 then at 0:30 flight to Vancouver YVR arrive 21:25
Day 17 June 1 Wed rest


loodec said...

Bedugul Botanical Garden has a collection of thousands of plants that reach 16,000 plants consisting of a collection of 1500 species, 320 genera, and 155 tribes plants. In addition there is also wild plants and various birds. The total area of Kebun Raya Bedugul 154.5 hectares with a very friendly landscape at an altitude of 1250-1400 above sea level.

mucuna said...

Maximum temperature there is about 25 degrees, much cooler than the 37 degrees at the coast in the south of Bali. At night it is chilly at about 14 degrees in the mountains with heavy mist starts rolling down the hills behind Bedugul Botanical Garden. It is quiet and very enjoyable to walk in the garden with pathways leading all the way up the slopes to the Hydrangea gardens with fine vista across.
There are new activities now such as the rainforest slides for fun and excitement bringing more crowds to the garden.