Sunday, February 1, 2009

Crystal Dragon

When I was at school as a teenager, I grew up reading Ashibe Yuho's comic book called Crystal Dragon. It is a historical fantasy with Celtic Ireland as the background.
The comic series is still going on today, up to Vol 25. I have them all, and love them. 3 image albums were published inspired by the story. I bought Disc 2 when I travel to Japan for the first time in 1986. Now I found all 3 were re-issued in 2005 in Japan as compact disc. I just sent in an order in the states for import. I will get them soon.
Here are the covers, so beautiful. The music is good too, more imaginative and some classical, and instrumental with pop sensibility. Originally, the disc comes with pull out poster, but I am not sure if the CD will have those images enclosed.
I am still searching for Yamagishi Ryoko's CDs of Hiizuru tokoro no tenshi and Youseiou.

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